Foreo Issa Lavendar

95.000 BD

The first reinvention of the electric toothbrush in over 60 years that introduces a superior approach to dental care.


High-Intensity Pulsations + Silicone Bristles

The unique combination of high-intensity pulsations with silicone bristles allows the ISSA™ to effectively clean teeth and remove stains while also comfortably massaging the gums.

3D Flexible Brush Head

The 3D functionality of the brush head makes it possible to reach every crevice in the mouth.

A More Hygienic, Gentler Clean

Made from nonporous silicone that’s easy to clean and prevents buildup of bacteria, the ISSA™ effectively removes plaque in way that is gentle on tooth enamel and helps prevent gum recession.

Ultimate Convenience

The ISSA™ lasts up to 365 uses per full charge, requires no charging dock and the brush heads last for a whole year.

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