Bootea - Little Oats (14 per pack)

18.000 BD

How I will help you:

I'll provide a protein fuelled and fibre rich breakfast option which is easy to make (30 seconds) and can be taken anywhere. I'll leave you feeling comfortably full whilst giving your body a variety of nutrients to leave you feeling energised and motivated to reach your fitness goals.

What you can expect from me:

- 14 days supply of Bootea Little Oats! (All my porridge comes in meal sized sachets for your convenience).

- No need to add milk - I'm creamy enough. Just add water and stir away :)

- Ingredients: Oats (60%), Skimmed Milk Powder (25%), Xylitol (9%), Whey Protein (MilkSoya Lecithin) (3%), Chia Seeds, Milled Goji Berries and Linseeds, Yerba Mate Matcha, Acai Powder.

- Nutritional Information:


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